About Us

We’ve been in the cycling world for a long time. We’ve raced on the local level, raced at the professional level, and worked within the bicycle industry at major bike companies, distributors, local bike shops, and with professional teams. We’ve found that there aren’t many options for customizing your frames, helmets or wheels, unless you want to pay a premium and endure a long turnaround time by going directly through the manufacturer. That’s why we created NoCoast Graphix. We’re here so that you can get the custom look that you want for yourself or your team, at an affordable price with a quick turnaround and personalized customer care.
 We can make custom decals for your frames, helmets, wheels, and cars. Get the pro look with our fully custom name stickers, show up to a race with custom helmet graphics with our helmet kits, or get custom designed logo decals for your wheels. Get more space for sponsor logos, and ultimately more sponsors, by putting their logos on your frames, wheels, helmets, or cars using our durable transfer decals. And, if you’re not sure what you want, or skilled graphics department can work with you to come up with the look that you want.
 We love having that custom look, and we know you want that too. Between our professional graphic design experience and knowledge of the cycling industry, we can make sure your equipment looks the way you want it to. If you look good, you ride good!
We are located in Minneapolis, MN.
NoCoast Racing cyclocross Nicole Mertz